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Our Happy Patients

Ink Pot

One of the best doctors I have ever visited in Tirupati. He is very caring towards his patients and always had the best experience on explanation of health issues. Hence I highly recommend him.

Sudhakar Sriramadass

The Best Doctors I have seen. There are our family Doctors now. He is polite and patient in clarifying the doubts and provide perfect and necessary medicines. We can trust both these Doctors ( Dr.Shravan Reddy& Dr.Harshitha Reddy)

Deepa Rajendran

Dr Shravan has been our family paediatrician since ages, we are so happy with his approach towards any medical issue, he is patient and so caring and he not only treats the child for the illness he is able to empathise and handle the parent s anxiety with much ease. His centre is well equipped, and staff are very caring, and I highly recommend Dr Shravan.

Neeraja Padigapati

I sincerely appreciate and also heartfully thank Dr Shravan for taking care of my kids. The kid's nutrition chart which he adds along with prescription is truly incredible. I am sure this gesture can be reassuring for a working mom like me. My daughter likes the nutritious gummies and the strawberry milkshake. She calls him Shravan mama which shows his calm and friendly nature.

Jagan Mohan Raju

First word as a parent I would like to say abt Dr. Shravan is he is cool. Dr makes the environment easy and cool that he can talk to kids and get the answers. Explained and treated thoroughly about my kid. We are really happy about THE FAMILY TREE CLINICS TREATMENT. Finally, I would recommend any unhealthy condition must visit Dr. Shravan and Dr. Harshitha. Thank you, Dr.,'s.

Lekhya Sree

Thank you, Dr. Shravan & Dr. Harshitha, for putting yourself on the front line. Both are very great listeners and kind. I would strongly recommend The Family Tree Clinics for adults and children. The staff are quite patient and soft spoken too.

Aadam Basha

Hi there.
Firstly, "THE FAMILY TREE CLINICS" word itself says All kinds of treatments and for all age group under one roof. Dr. Harshitha reddy madam is excellent in diagnosing the disease with her expertise and very well kind spoken and down to earth person. Clinic is in very good area and always kept clean and hygienic. Dr. Harshitha reddy madam is also specialist in treatment and Diagnosis of life long diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid etc..I had been affected with Omicron variant and madam took very good care of me and used to check the status of the recovery regularly. I thank Harshitha madam for her great services.
Dr. Shravan sir is Specialist in Paediatric medicine. My sister son had been diagnosed with Dengue and had a severe complications. Only bcoz of this Doctor couple my sister son is now fully fine and doing well. They both had took very good care of him by prescribing right medicine at the right time.

Last but not least needless to mention that
Quality Doctors
Quality Treatment and
Affordable Cost

Chandana Sai Chowdary

I recently visited Family Tree Clinic, and I had a really nice experience. The doctors and staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming.
They took the time to listen to my concerns and provided me with clear explanations and guidance. Their expertise and approachable nature made me feel comfortable asking questions and discussing my health needs.

Overall, I highly recommend Family Tree Clinic. From the friendly doctors to the efficient reception, my visit was both pleasant and reassuring. If you're looking for a welcoming and compassionate healthcare experience, Family Tree Clinic is an excellent choice.