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Vaccination Services

Infants and children must get immunized in order for their immune system to remain strong and fight against widespread diseases. At The Family Tree Clinic, Tirupati , a complete childhood immunization ensures that your child gets immunizations at the time of birth and through his or her childhood.

Here is the complete list of Immunization Schedule.

Immunization schedule

At BirthBCG + OPV + Hep B
6 weeksDTwP/DTaP-1 IPV-1 Hib-1 Hep B-2 Rotavirus-1 PCV-1
10 weeksDTWP/DTaP-2 IPV-2 Hib-2 Hep B-3 Rotavirus-2 PCV-2
14 WeeksDTwP/DTaP.3 IPV-3 Hib-3 Hep B-4 Rotavirus-3 PCV-3
6 monthsInfluenza-1 Hep B-4* (*if not taken earlier)
7 monthsInfluenza -2 ( Every year )
6-9 monthsTyphoid conjugate vaccine
9 monthsMMR-1, MCV – 1
12 monthsHepatitis A -1, MCV 2
15 monthsMMR-2 Varicella – 1 PCV booster
16-18 monthsDTwP/DTap-B1 Hib-B1 IPV-B1
18-19 monthsHep A 2 Varicella -2
4-6 yearsDTwP/DTaP-B2 IPV-B2 MMR-3
10-12 yearsTdap HPV