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Child Growth & Development

Dr. Shravan Krishna Reddy P , Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist , hold unique expertise in providing comprehensive care to children and adolescents suffering from impairments of typical brain function that often impact their memory, behaviour, and ability to learn.

In today’s times with changing family dynamics, there are many families facing behavioural, developmental, and parenting problems that are profoundly affected by our day-to-day living, increased competitiveness, availability of wider technology in the form of gadgets, etc.

The Family Tree Clinic, Tirupati addresses the development, behaviour, and learning issues. Every child is first assessed to understand the strength and areas where the challenge is, following which we works on specific individualised goals.

We , helps children acquire skills needed to perform activities or occupations of daily life , communication, which includes how the child understands and uses words to communicate. A special educator helps to develop learning skills.